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Lost & Found


Location: Arrival level; Eastern transportation center island E

Service: Any found items in the lounge will be kept at the service counters. The counters also assist passengers in looking for lost items. Owners of missing items will be informed if any personal information can be found.

Lost & Found will report, store and claim articles lost in the terminals and help passengers find their articles. Staff should contact passengers as soon as possible when any information regarding the owners is found in the lost articles.

Hours: Arrival level:08:00-21:30;Eastern transportation center:07:00-20:30

Service Hotline: Arrival level:+86 (21) 22381086;Eastern transportation center island E:+86 (21) 34661633

Claiming procedures:

1. Claimers explain how the items went missing;

2. Claimers’ valid identification and lost item information (name, feature, missing time/place) are required. If claiming for others, an attorney and ID of the owner of the lost items are required;

3. Fill in the claim form after picking up the items.

Passengers need to describe the lost items, including the name, characteristics, date lost and place lost. Agents need to provide an entrustment form, the owner’s ID card or copies of valid documents. Passengers need to fill in the claim forms after staff hand the articles over to them.

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