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Passengers enjoy daily performances in Pudong Airport


The Spring Festival travel rush has begun. Many passengers in Pudong Airport have discovered that they can enjoy a wonderful performance in the airport. A culture event called Performance Everyday began Jan 30 in Terminal 2.

At the opening ceremony of the event, a professional team performed great shows including jujitsu, ink dances, a saxophone solo and magic show. The performance attracted a great number of passengers. Many passengers felt very surprised to see such great performances on their way home during the Spring Festival travel rush. The interactive paper-cutting sideshow also attracted many participants. The opening performance will last for two days, it is held respectively in the morning and in the afternoon. Each performance lasts about two hours.

Apart from inviting professional performance teams, Pudong Airport also spent a lot of time setting up the stage. It was quite a challenge to set up a large stage in such a public place with high passenger density. The stage is shaped like a large Chinese folding fan and shows typical Chinese culture. A photo-taking area, where a 3D panoramic painting of Pudong Airport is displayed, was also highly praised by many passengers.

The Performance Everyday culture activity will cover a whole year. Piano shows will be the main performance at ordinary times. Beginning March, Pudong Airport will hold Shanghai Expo retrospective exhibitions, air shows, painting and calligraphy exhibitions, and exhibitions of old Shanghai in the domestic departure hall.

Shanghai is an international metropolis and a transport hub for China and the world. As one of the busiest airports in the world, Pudong Airport gathers passengers from all over the world. It is a good place for cultural exhibition and exchange.

Since the Shanghai Expo, Pudong Airport has begun holding large-scale culture activities. The Performance Everyday activity this year is a great cultural event to help Pudong Airport spread culture and promote international exchange.

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