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Notice for parking fees adjustments

Upon receipt of the notice issued by the Shanghai Price Bureau on Feb 10, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport will implement the following new parking fee standards from Feb 12, 2015:

1. A continuous parking fee in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Pudong International Airport and Terminal 2 of Hongqiao International Airport will be calculated by the hour. A maximum of 10 hours will be charged when parking within 24 hours; for parking between 24 to 48 hours, a maximum of 14 hours will be charged; and for parking over 48 hours, a maximum of 20 hours will be charged per 24 hours.

2. Pudong International Airport's P4 will implement the following new fee standards: Light-duty vehicles will be charged at a rate of 5 yuan per hour. Parking times within 24 hours will be charged in a maximum of 8 hours. The same standard applies for parking over 24 hours. Over-sized cars will be charged double.

3. Inasmuch as the fees are not higher than P4's fee standard, Pudong International Airport's P5 will make its own fee adjustments and notify the public in due time.

4. The notice takes effects from 12 pm on Feb 12, 2015, and the details are as follow:

Notice for parking fees adjustments
Parking Rules & Regulations:

1. The entire parking fee is suitable for light-duty cars, and oversized cars will be charged at double the rate.

2. The first 20 minutes per day for per vehicle will be free.

2. The parking fee is calculated hourly and less than an hour of parking will be charged at the full hourly rate.

3. For parking over 24 hours, over time parking will be calculated for another 24 hour period by the same standard.