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Elevated road in front of SHA's T1 begins operation

The elevated part of the First Yingbin Road in front of the Hongqiao International Airport's (SHA) Terminal 1 (T1) opened at the end of October.

The fact that passengers are able to go directly to the departure floor of T1 by car makes their trips more convenient and alleviates traffic pressure on the ground road. Moreover, the opening of the elevated road strongly supports future operations of the newly-built Building A of T1.

The vehicles can go on the Yan'an elevated road to reach ring roads for both inner and outer routes. It is possible to arrive at the departure floor of T1 by going straight on the mainline and crossing Youle Road from an elevated section. There are ramps for entering and exiting at the ground when passing the ring road, which is considered beneficial to regional development.

Exits and entrances to both the south and north of Youle Road are built for vehicles on the ground to go up to the elevated road and a south-to-north ramp leading to a garage has been constructed as well.

The two-way mainline has four lanes all together and the ramps for up and down have two lanes. When reaching the departure floor, the mainline will turn into a five-lane road.

Started in December of 2015, the project transformed all of the sidewalks and green belts along the road several times to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

The construction team adopted an efficient method on the scaffold setup. This innovative method helped shorten the work period by 40 percent, reduce the number of workers by 50 percent, and save materials by 25 percent.

Moreover, two big cranes were used to make the elevated part cross Youle Road. The work was done in just several hours at night, not impacting travelers during the daytime. Several existing difficulties – like the ageing underground pipelines —were overcome during the construction, contributing to the normal operation of the terminal.